05 December 2011

Baby Peter and Tink

Well; I'm very sad to say my very dear and faithful tablet died promptly about a couple of weeks ago. I mourn its loss... 
Moving on to my new tablet!!!!

Yeah, well; I just can't live without one of these anymore, so... It's gonna take some getting used to, but I'm on it. And, so far, I have to say: smooth...  So, here my first try with it; baby Peter Pan. Kinda looks like my little brother, but red-headed :)

21 November 2011

IF - Vanity

Hello, there, beautiful people! I hate that my job doesn't leave any time for me to... well, live. It is what it is. So, anyway: Illustration Friday's topic for this week is Vanity, which I absolutely loved, because it so happens I am now in a unique position to illustrate vanity in all its glory. Oh, yeah, my job has its perks.

21 September 2011

IF - Mesmerizing

So; Illustration Friday topic this week was Mesmerizing. As soon as I read it, couldn't help but think of a dangerous mermaid. I tried to drop it, because I thought it sounded a bit lame, but I just couldn't bring myself to think of any other topic. So here you go. The Mesmerizing Mermaid!

19 September 2011

Look who the postman dragged in!

I've been trying to post this since last week or so; here's a print I won by leaving a comment in one of the wonderful posts of ArtSnark.blogspot.comI didn't know when I did it, but apparently the hostess of the blog organizes sort of like a raffle to give away one of her wonderful collages. You can check them out in ArtSnark.etsy.com, too!

Don't you just hate my guts? :)

Thank you, Stacey!

06 September 2011

Ars Nova

Hello, everyone!!! Since I'm in the middle of something -that I will let you know not far from now-, I'm not having time for new stuff, so; here comes an oldie!


11 August 2011

Smartphone Backgrounds

Show your smartphone who's boss! Keep this little guy on your phone background and command it! :P I usually make my own, so I figured; why not share? Just click on the image and save it! I think I got the proportions right, but let me know if you can't display it right!

06 August 2011

IF - Imperfection

This is my entry for Illustration Friday this week: Imperfection. A feeble, breakable thing, aren't we? Despite all our efforts...

23 July 2011

Amalthea's Horn

A friend of mine keeps a blog about many things; vegetarianism, animals, poetry, music... She named her blog El Cuerno de Amaltea (Amalthea's Horn) and has been updating it regularly for quite some time. She asked me, just a couple of weeks ago to design an image for her blog, and this is what I came up with:

Click on image to visit the blog

17 July 2011

Husbands & Wives

You might've realized that I changed some things in the blog. I'm pretty full of myself about it :P But I also had to sacrifice some things in return; I lost comments in the last posts as a result of moving the blog here and there while I was working, and I also accidentally erased a couple of illustrations. So, if it would please you, I'm just gonna post them right here, so I don't feel so inept when I go to sleep tonight :P

01 June 2011

Tocados XIV

Okay, it isn't over until you make a comic out of it!
I just made that up, but it's fitting...

See the true story behind the advertising festival Tocados XIV, where I was Head of the Creative Department along with Wonderful Mary , my evil twin - the cute crazy curly thing in the middle...

06 May 2011

IF - Lesson

So, Illustration Friday's topic last week was Lesson. I know I'm late, but lately I'm late for everything, so I really didn't want to let it go by. Specially since I've had the opportunity this week of learning a valuable lesson. One of those that simply won't need any reminder. 

Wanna see?

01 May 2011

Nothing Better than a Good Story

We like stories, don't we? It's in our nature and it shows: nothing sells better in this world than a good story, and Advertising is making a good profit out of it. There's no way a brand can catch our eye nowadays unless it makes us feel there's a story behind it worth listening to.

Check out the image below; it's something made by NCM Fathom that I found through ReadWriteWeb.es and I just had to share it. I love it when I find proof that human beings, no matter how super-technologic we get, how many new products, lifestyles and activities we develop, are still human beings. Deep down, we all want the same: we look for characters and feelings. We want emotion. We want stories.

And I think it's pretty damn great :P

Under Construction

Buried by it! But I really didn't want to keep the blog unactive a minute longer.. As some of you already know, I've been working on a Festival since December; that's the reason of my absence since February. At one point, I only had time for literally eating, sleeping and the Festival. I was CoDirector of the Creative Department and it's truly been the best working experience I've had so far. But now it's done and everything went well, so I can update my lonely blog and hope you guys wont judge me too harshly for being away so long.

I'm very happy to be back, and as you'll soon enough see, it's for good.

08 February 2011

IF - Reverse

Here's an entry for Illustration Friday's topic this week: Reverse.

So it got me thinking stupid things (not unusual); What's the reverse of human being? Do we have a reverse? I guess it's all blurry and in constant construction. There's no real boundaries between our genuine good and our positive evil.

There. I said it.
And drew it!
Wanna see?

07 February 2011

Ghost In The Shell

Well, it's been a very interesting period of finals, with revelations and surprises of all kinds. But most importantly: finally over :) During my few spare moments, I've been introduced to a new, very interesting piece of fiction: the anime series Ghost in the Shell. This was quite the surprise. I just loved the show -which means, of course, I made a drawing :)