07 February 2011

Ghost In The Shell

Well, it's been a very interesting period of finals, with revelations and surprises of all kinds. But most importantly: finally over :) During my few spare moments, I've been introduced to a new, very interesting piece of fiction: the anime series Ghost in the Shell. This was quite the surprise. I just loved the show -which means, of course, I made a drawing :)

The usual problem with me and japanese fiction is that it is too culturally self-centered for my needs. Characters just don't interact with each other in a natural way for western viewers. I know a lot of westerners don't really care, because they enjoy mainly the plot -usually very worked upon- and animation -very curious and smart-.

But to me, characters are everything: the very reason I need fiction. So, to my joy, I found characters like the three I've drawn: Batou, Aramaki and Motoko. Each with a personality, story and believable approach to life and those around them. I really, really enjoyed the show and now I find myself just screaming for more, which leads me to the good news: apparently, the rights of the story have been bought by none others than Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks, with the intention of making a 3D movie with real actors. Now this can be a success or an epic failure, but I'll be sure to check it out.

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