06 May 2011

IF - Lesson

So, Illustration Friday's topic last week was Lesson. I know I'm late, but lately I'm late for everything, so I really didn't want to let it go by. Specially since I've had the opportunity this week of learning a valuable lesson. One of those that simply won't need any reminder. 

Wanna see?

01 May 2011

Nothing Better than a Good Story

We like stories, don't we? It's in our nature and it shows: nothing sells better in this world than a good story, and Advertising is making a good profit out of it. There's no way a brand can catch our eye nowadays unless it makes us feel there's a story behind it worth listening to.

Check out the image below; it's something made by NCM Fathom that I found through ReadWriteWeb.es and I just had to share it. I love it when I find proof that human beings, no matter how super-technologic we get, how many new products, lifestyles and activities we develop, are still human beings. Deep down, we all want the same: we look for characters and feelings. We want emotion. We want stories.

And I think it's pretty damn great :P

Under Construction

Buried by it! But I really didn't want to keep the blog unactive a minute longer.. As some of you already know, I've been working on a Festival since December; that's the reason of my absence since February. At one point, I only had time for literally eating, sleeping and the Festival. I was CoDirector of the Creative Department and it's truly been the best working experience I've had so far. But now it's done and everything went well, so I can update my lonely blog and hope you guys wont judge me too harshly for being away so long.

I'm very happy to be back, and as you'll soon enough see, it's for good.