07 December 2010

Vote For My Shirt!

Below you can see the design I uploaded to the permanent contest of Pampling.com. I automatically assumed I would receive an e-mail telling me either "you're in" or "try again" but today I checked my profile and it so happens I have a design running and I have not been promoting it!

So here's the thing: the contest is decided by popular votation. The more voters I have the more accurate is the grade I get. So I need your help! Those of you who have the time and want to make me very happy indeed, follow this LINK register and vote (if you get lost, just register and follow the link again).


1 comment:

  1. Prima si entendiera algo lo comentaría. Eso si el diseño una pasada, jajajaja. Lo leere con calma linda . Un besazo.


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