09 September 2010

IF - Dessert

Well; I give you my version of Dessert, Illustration Friday's topic this week!

I realised I never eat dessert anymore; except in special ocassions, or when an ocassion is made special by something yummy! :)


  1. like the style, reminds me of the pink panther:)

  2. Very cool. It's good to see someone incorporating both text and image, and doing it well. And your line is really solid. Very well done.

    I agree: photoshop is where it's at.

  3. I love the quote.."bring me sad for boring"?! Amazing! This is great :)

  4. I like this a lot - very fun with lots of elements. It was neat to started scrolling down this gray image, reading the text and then SURPRISE! The bright red cherry.

  5. Beautiful design and great image! Caught my eye! Photoshop- how true, you dont need anything else!


You be good! Or not... :)